Please feel free to contact us for any expert advice on gas installations, gas regulations or for quotations on any work to be done.

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Gas Hob Installations

All our installations are according to gas regulations, gas tight and sealed and secured professionally

Gas Geyser Installations

Are your water heating costs getting you down? Why not try out a gas geyser? An economical and greener alternative than burning fossil fuels and high electricity prices

Gas Fireplace Installations

Gas fireplaces make a nice cosy addition to any home. If installed correctly, countless hours can be enjoyed with these units

Gas Stove Installations

Count on us to work neatly, accurately and safely

Gas Compliance Certificates (C.O.C’s)

Not only a mandatory requirement for all fixed gas installations. A gas compliance certificate is a legal requirement for your insurance company. Without this certificate your insurance wont cover you incase of accidental loss or injury

Supergas24 installer

Servicing & Maintenance

Our expert gas technicians are on hand to solve all your gas installations and appliance problems. From cleaning jets, servicing appliances, leak finding to upgrading old installations. We are here for you


Gas Cage Installations

If you are looking for added safety and security, then a gas cage is a must.
Not always a mandatory option but always good for peace of mind